June 15, 2023

JustSolve OutSystems Innovation Competition

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Welcome to the JustSolve OutSystems Innovation Competition!

Get inspired, improve your technical skills, test-drive the latest features, and take the next step in your career.


Create the most innovative and impactful project developed using OutSystems.


A trip to the OutSystems One Conference in Portugal on 12-13 September 2023.

How to enter:

Click here to complete and submit the form.

  • Proposal Submission: 23 June 2023
  • Passport Ready: 28 July 2023
  • Final Project Submission: 28 July 2023
  • Winner Announcement: 4 August 2023

Important information
  • We exclude spending money and unplanned activities.​
  • The prize does not cover the costs associated with obtaining a passport.​
  • You cannot transfer the prize to any other individual.​
  • Employees of JustSolve will not have their annual leave deducted.​
  • You must do this after hours without impacting your day-to-day responsibilities.​
  • You will need to write a blog article on your project.​
  • This event is in-person and includes a return flight, accommodation, meals, and visa (Limits may apply)! ​
  • You are responsible for your passport and vaccination costs.​
  • You must remove IPP from your solution and submit modules/applications/solutions to JustSolve as part of the submission

*  Terms & Conditions apply.
** JustSolve reserves the right to modify the format and rules at any given time.

Download PDF to access the competition overview and proposal submission guidelines.

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