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According to research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, a staggering 70% of IT projects end in failure due to the absence of clear objectives.

Product discovery services empower you to set clear objectives and make informed decisions about the products you build. This not only ensures a smoother development process but also maximises the return on your investment.

What is Discovery?

The term discovery is relatively common these days, and you may be wondering what exactly it is and how it applies to your project. The truth is there are different types of Discovery, each with their own purpose, goals and outcomes.

Here we briefly explain each type of Discovery and show you where Alignment Discovery fits into the bigger picture.
Incubation Discovery
If a new, innovative idea has yet to be validated in the market, workshopping it through an Incubation Discovery process will help nurture the idea into a tangible, validated business case.

We do not currently offer Incubation Discovery as one of our core service offerings at JustSolve. However, we can point you toward one of our trusted Incubation partners.
Alignment Discovery
Through a series of alignment and discovery workshops, we identify project requirements and objectives with the aim of providing a ballpark timeline and budget for implementation.

Alignment discovery is the flagship service we’ll be discussing on this page. It is a highly recommended part of every project with JustSolve to ensure continual and consistent excellence.
POC Discovery / Development
Building a Proof of Concept is a risk mitigation strategy which seeks to validate technical risks and potential architectural challenges before proceeding with full-scale development.

POCs are often identified during Alignment Discovery to aid the scoping process but can also be scoped and implemented as a separate engagement before discovery kicks off.
Continuous Discovery
During the development lifecycle, the team will continue to discover new insights, refine features and ensure alignment with user needs and business objectives throughout each sprint.

Continuous discovery is not a standalone service, but rather an integral part of how we work in an agile scrum team at JustSolve to ensure continual project and product success.

How long will alignment discovery take?

The short and honest answer is ‘it depends’ as every project is unique with different needs and constraints.

At JustSolve, we’ve got a winning formula to get the most out of each discovery engagement, and there are three key considerations we take into account when estimating the length of alignment discovery required.
Type of Project
If a fixed cost implementation quote is required for budgetary and/or timeline reasons, discovery will take significantly longer, as we need to fully unpack all project requirements in order to accurately provide a fixed cost implementation quote.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more flexible agile project, discovery could take as little as 1-2 weeks.
Upfront Knowledge & Documentation
The more documentation and knowledge provided upfront, the less time we will need for discovery.

This documentation can include items such as an FRS (Functional Requirements Specification), user stories, existing wireframes/prototypes and recorded demos to name a few.
Stakeholder/SME Availability
We need the availability and buy-in of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and Project Stakeholders throughout the course of the process to ensure we're getting the most value out of the alignment discovery.

If you can only give us an hour session twice a week, discovery will take significantly longer than if we can workshop with you for 4 hours a day.

What can you expect during the Alignment Discovery process with JustSolve?

The process consists of two to four phases (depending on project type) where we work with you to establish a solid foundation for your project and set the stage for product success.

Phase 1

We get aligned.

During the first phase, we’re aiming to quickly reach alignment on the objectives, vision and overall roadmap of your project.

We’re not diving into the specifics at this point, but rather looking to understand the project holistically. Based on this short period of alignment, we’ll have a good idea of what timeline we’ll need to execute the next phase of discovery.

An high level understanding the project’s goals, objectives, key stakeholders, users and overall features/themes.
Deployment Identify potential POCs to validate the risk and unknowns related to technical feasibility.on various platforms and devices.
A plan of action, timeline and estimate for the next phase of Alignment Discovery.
Phase 2

We decide on the way forward.

In this phase, we establish a comprehensive understanding of your project's direction and determine whether a fixed-cost or agile approach is most appropriate for your project needs.

Should you choose an agile approach, we'll seamlessly transition into the software implementation phase using the Scrum framework and skip phases 3 and 4 of this process. If you require a ‘Fixed Cost’ project, we’ll continue with the next phase of alignment discovery.

If Agile: We’ll provide a ballpark estimate that will require continual realignment as project requirements progress and evolve.
If Fixed Cost: We’ll continue with the next two phases of alignment discovery to ensure we can provide a fixed quotation with no flexibility or scope changes, ensuring a clear and predictable budget.
Phase 3 (fixed cost project only)

We dive in.

Through a series of workshops, we’ll unpack and document all possible requirements that may form part of the product backlog into detailed user stories with business rules, acceptance criteria and scenarios.

We’ll also identify key POCs that will need to be run to assist with technical feasibility and estimation. Together, we’ll prioritise these user stories into a product backlog for sizing in the next and final phase.

A prioritised product backlog of user stories written with business rules, scenarios and acceptance criteria.
Identify, quote and run any POCs in tangent with this phase of alignment discovery (as applicable).
Phase 4 (fixed cost project only)

We estimate.

During the final phase of alignment discovery, we’ll take the prioritised backlog created during Phase 3 and estimate the development effort for each user story using a metric called 'story points'. This allows us to provide timelines and cost estimates for the fixed-cost project based on the number of story points tallied.

If the initial timeline or cost estimate exceeds what is feasible for the project, we’ll work with you to cut back on the non-essential scope to ensure we can deliver a working and valuable product for launch.

A feasible and valuable product backlog that works within your timeline or budgetary constraints.
An accurate estimate complete with a quote, timeline and scope ready for implementation by JustSolve.

Why choose JustSolve as your Alignment Discovery partner?

As thought leaders and masters of our craft, we are able to tackle even the most complex challenges and consistently deliver quality solutions for our clients.

We’re an award-winning, experienced team.
Our expertise in designing human-centric and accessible digital solutions has been widely recognised through numerous awards and competency badges.
We’re visual problem solvers with business acumen.
We leverage design-thinking skills and workshop facilitation to collaboratively solve real-world problems and align solutions with overarching business objectives.
Our service offerings are trusted by global businesses.
Our dedication to helping businesses succeed is the key reason why renowned companies choose us as their preferred UX and technology provider.

Common reservations about the Alignment Discovery Process.

A common concern we hear is "I’m looking to build software, do I really need discovery?” It’s an important question, and one we’re frequently asked by clients with budgetary and timeline concerns. Below, we’ve listed the most common reservations our clients raise, and the honest answers that we provide them with.

a man in a suit is running past two clocks
“We're on a tight timeline and need to start development right away, so we don't have time for extensive discovery.”

While we understand the urgency to start development, investing time in discovery can save you valuable resources in the long run. By conducting a focused and efficient discovery process, we can identify potential roadblocks and mitigate risks early on.

This proactive approach ensures that your development timeline remains on track and minimises the chances of costly rework or delays down the line, ultimately, setting a strong foundation for project success.

two hands holding a clipboard with a checklist on it
“We have a requirements document already, why do we need to go through alignment discovery?”

While having a requirements document is valuable, alignment discovery goes beyond it. It allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your business objectives, user needs, and project goals.

Through alignment discovery, we can identify any gaps or potential improvements in the requirements, ensuring that the final solution aligns perfectly with your vision and delivers the desired outcomes.

two people shaking hands over a globe
“Creating a quote or estimate should be part of JustSolve’s ‘cost of sale’”

We believe in transparency and providing accurate estimates to our clients who are looking for fixed cost implementation quotes. Alignment discovery allows us to assess the complexity, scope and requirements of your project more comprehensively.

By investing time and effort in alignment discovery, we can provide you with a more accurate quote or estimate, minimising the risk of budget overruns or unexpected expenses during the development phase.

Alignment discovery is just one piece of the digital transformation puzzle.

Alignment Discovery is a vital component within the larger context of digital transformation. It is the foundation on which the successful implementation of your digital solution will be built. When combined with our other services at JustSolve, our cross-functional teams seamlessly collaborate to deliver end-to-end solutions of the highest quality and calibre.

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“Would you buy a car or build a home without getting insurance to cover your risk? Alignment discovery is your insurance policy for project and product success.”
Botha van der Vyver, JustSolve CEO
Botha van der Vyver
CEO, JustSolve

FAQs about Alignment Discovery at JustSolve.

How long does the Alignment Discovery process typically take?
How can I get started with Alignment Discovery?
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