Transform Your Business with Expert Business Analysis.

Uncover valuable insights, identify opportunities for improvement and deliver practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.
According to CIO Magazine, 71% of failed software projects can be traced back to poor requirements.

By improving requirements accuracy, thorough business analysis with JustSolve will save you from costly rework and mitigate against failed project initiatives.

What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis in software development involves identifying and documenting business needs and requirements to guide software solution development.

Business analysts bridge the gap between stakeholders and development teams, gathering and analysing requirements and ensuring the developed software aligns with business objectives. Their role includes analysing existing processes, translating requirements into specifications and facilitating communication between technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Why invest in Business Analysis? 

By leveraging the expertise of skilled business analysts, you can gain a deeper understanding of your business processes, identify inefficiencies and unearth valuable opportunities for growth and improvement.

What does a Business Analyst do?

Business analysts bridge the gap between business goals and technology solutions by analysing stakeholder needs and requirements, thus helping organisations improve performance and achieve strategic objectives.

Existing Process and/or System Analysis
Business analysts analyse existing business processes and identify areas for improvement or optimisation using techniques such as process mapping, data flow diagrams and workflow analysis.
Why it’s essential: Thorough analysis helps to ensure all parties understand how the new software developed will seamlessly fit into the overall business environment.
Requirements Elicitation and Documentation
Business analysts gather and comprehensively compile project requirements into business requirements documents, functional specifications, use cases and user stories with acceptance criteria.
Why it’s essential: Detailed documentation of requirements removes ambiguity from the development lifecycle, ensuring that developers know exactly what is required to be built.
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies
Business analysts identify and assess potential risks associated with the software project and develop targeted risk mitigation strategies. These risks can include technical, operational, and business risks.
Why it’s essential: Identifying and mitigating risk minimises the impact these risk may have on the initiative’s outcome, thus increasing the project’s chance of success.

Why choose JustSolve as your Business Analysis Partner?

As thought leaders and masters of our craft, we are able to tackle even the most complex challenges and consistently deliver quality solutions for our clients.

We’re an award-winning, experienced team.
Our expertise in designing human-centric and accessible digital solutions has been widely recognised through numerous awards and competency badges.
We’re visual problem solvers with business acumen.
We leverage design-thinking skills and workshop facilitation to collaboratively solve real-world problems and align solutions with overarching business objectives.
Our service offerings are trusted by global businesses.
Our dedication to helping businesses succeed is the key reason why renowned companies choose us as their preferred UX and technology provider.

Business Analysis is just one piece of the digital transformation puzzle.

Business analysis is a vital component within the larger context of digital transformation. It forms an integral part of the process by providing critical insights, identifying requirements, and driving informed decision-making.

When combined with our other services at JustSolve, our cross-functional teams seamlessly collaborate to deliver end-to-end solutions of the highest quality and calibre.

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"At JustSolve, our BA department focuses on understanding the way your business operates, and can help tailor a solution for your specific requirements to run your processes more efficiently whether it is out of the box solutions or custom development."
Botha van der Vyver, JustSolve CEO
Braam Basson
Business Analyst, JustSolve

FAQs about  Business Analysis at JustSolve.

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