Enhance Business Success with Our Managed Product Support Services.

Whether it's troubleshooting a technical problem or optimising your product performance, our product support team is ready to advise and assist you.

According to an article by TeamStage, 59% of businesses agree that cutting costs is one of the most common reasons for outsourcing support services.
By outsourcing your product support with JustSolve, you'll significantly save on expenses whilst investing in total peace of mind knowing that your product support is in expert hands.
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What is Product Support?

Through different levels of technical assistance, expert support processes critically keep software products and services running smoothly and reliably.

Tier 1:

This initial tier involves in-house support agents interacting directly with end-users to resolve issues using defined steps or how-to guides. This is the responsibility of the Client

Tier 2/3:

When an issue requires specialised expertise and problem-solving skills, JustSolve’s support agents will work towards investigating, diagnosing and fixing technical issues that affect performance and usability. This is the responsibility of JustSolve.

Our software product support offerings.

We offer several support options to ensure product stability and functionality after launch. Each option is tailored to meet your needs, providing peace of mind and efficient resolution of business-critical issues.

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Service Scan.

Our Support Scan is a service that provides a thorough and in-depth analysis of your company's current support desk and service delivery environment. The goal of this service is to identify areas for improvement and to provide actionable recommendations to help improve your support operations.

A holistic evaluation of your current service desk processes by support professionals.
Analysis of IT-driven processes, including SLA Management, with recommendations on how to improve performance.
Actionable recommendations are provided to streamline your support operations using ITIL best practices.
Ideal for organisations aiming to align and improve their support processes and frameworks.
Includes an in-depth and unbiased report of our findings of current processes and support delivery.
Provides recommendations and suggests possible implementation options.
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Support as a Service.

Support as a Service is a flexible and cost-effective solution for clients needing ongoing product support. This comprehensive offering provides access to a team of support professionals who will set-up, implement and manage the Tier 2+ support of your product or service.

Access to a pool of support professionals who are trained with the latest technologies and methodologies.
Continuity from the project phase to post-launch with a seamlessly updated knowledge base and documentations.
End-to-end monitoring, reporting, and issue resolution for total peace of mind.
We have the ability to adopt and integrate comprehensive support processes within existing business models.
Support agreements are tailored to fit business requirements and are not a one-size-fits-all approach.
Can be initiated at any time, but should ideally be agreed upon before the development phase concludes.

We deliver reliable and professional product support services.

Whether you’re seeking expert advice on where to optimise your current support desk processes or looking for a flexible and cost-effective support solution, our experienced support team are ready to advise and assist.

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90+ issue resolutions in 2022
13 applications currently supported
100% first response SLA percentage
18 support professionals

We’ve managed incidents and services requests for global businesses.

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What can you expect from JustSolve’s Support Services?

We believe in the importance of investing in reliable and comprehensive support and are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our clients.

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A personalised approach

We understand that every client’s support needs are unique, which is why we offer customised support packages tailored to meet your specific support needs and budget requirements.
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Proactive support

Our support team closely monitors your systems to proactively identify and resolve issues within agreed SLAs before they become issues affecting your customer’s experience and bottom line.
JustSolve employee with a cape jumping into the air next to an employee sitting on a chair working on a laptop. There is a rocket ship in the background.

Support professionals

Our team members are highly trained professionals who will quickly become experts on your products and systems, allowing them to provide quick and effective resolutions to any technical issues.
JustSolve's commitment to excellence extends beyond the software development process, because we know success doesn't end at development. It begins with exceptional support.
Botha van der Vyver, JustSolve CEO
Jacqui Theunissen
Support Desk Manager, JustSolve

FAQs about JustSolve’s Product Support Services.

Can I reach out to someone if I have any urgent problems?
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Why should we use JustSolve to facilitate our support or service?
What is the purpose of a Service Desk for my application? 

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