Building Your Business's Future with Custom Software Development Solutions.

At JustSolve, we leverage the latest proven technologies and tools to create intuitive and user-friendly software that can streamline your processes and drive business growth. Our team prioritises speed without compromising quality, to deliver future-proof, enterprise-grade solutions.

A report by Gartner found that custom software development can help businesses increase productivity and streamline processes, resulting in a 25% increase in efficiency
This means that investing in custom software development services can increase efficiency, optimise operations, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

There are two different approaches for developing custom software.

Different software development approaches exist to suit varying project needs, budgets and timelines. To help you understand the differences between these approaches, we've broken down each one below.

A person looking at JustSolve using traditional manual coding.

Pro-Code Development

The pro-code approach involves building applications using traditional manual coding, standard programming languages, and frameworks. It emphasises comprehensive planning, documentation, and testing. We are experts of this approach at JustSolve.
A person using low code tools on his computer.

Low-Code Development

The low-code approach uses visual interfaces and pre-built components to enable users with little coding experience to create software applications quickly and with minimal manual coding. We are industry-leaders of this approach at JustSolve through our OutSystems Partnership.

At JustSolve, we bridge the gap between pro-code and low-code development. 

Our teams can leverage both traditional, tried and tested pro-code methodologies and cutting-edge low-code workflows with OutSystems to suit the needs and goals of any initiative. As a specialist custom software application development company, we use our masters of our craft, we use our collective in-depth experience to build secure enterprise-grade software that is not only future-ready and user-centric, but requires minimal code to solve complex problems.

Pro-code Development.

The pro-code approach is the foundation of our development philosophy, where we prioritise code quality and long-term sustainability. With this approach, we write custom code for each feature of the application to ensure optimal performance, flexibility and scalability. 

Complete control over performance, security, scalability, and customisation.
Deployment options on various platforms and devices.
The flexibility to build using any language and IDE.
Easier bug fixing with access to source code.
Manual coding can be time-consuming.
Requires highly skilled developers in a time of shortage.
Difficult to change scope/requirements mid-development.
Higher cost than low-code development approaches.

Low-Code Development.

The low-code approach enables applications to be built up to 4x faster by using pre-built components and templates. Our team of experts have the necessary skills to create unique low-code solutions, which reduces the time and costs involved in software development whilst maintaining a high level of quality. 

Faster application development.
Reusable modules save time and resources.
Provides scalability and peace of mind.
Reduces resources required.
App deployment is limited to specific platforms.
Limited customisation without pro-code injection.
Limited control over features due to platform limitations.
Learning curve to use effectively.
Need help choosing the right development approach for your product? Our team of experts is available to answer any questions, address concerns and discuss ideas with you.
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How can we assist your initiative?

Whether you choose a pro-code or low-code development approach, we offer a range of expert services at JustSolve that are flexibly tailored to your unique initiative and business needs.

Web App Development
Cloud-native web apps built to execute your business vision, with advanced features like responsiveness and intelligence.
Why it’s essential: To establish a strong online presence, interact with customers and provide valuable services through web-based platforms.
Mobile App Development
Beautifully designed cross-platform mobile apps that meet your customers' needs and provide optimal user experiences.
Why it’s essential: Mobile apps enable businesses to reach a wider audience, enhance customer experience and capitalise on the growing mobile market.
Progressive Web App (PWA)
Combine native app functions with website accessibility for optimal user experiences on mobile and desktop.
Why it’s essential: Progressive web apps combine the benefits of web and mobile apps, providing seamless user experiences across various devices.
Automate workflows and improve deployment pipelines for optimised performance, bringing together developers and operations teams.
Why it’s essential: DevOps is crucial for streamlining software development and deployment processes, ensuring faster delivery and improved collaboration.
Systems Integration
Streamline business and system processes with automation, ensuring consistent data and easy maintenance.
Why it’s essential: Systems integration plays a vital role in connecting different software systems, enabling efficient data exchange and enhancing overall business processes.
Quality Assurance
Continuous testing to identify and fix bugs, improve software quality, and optimise performance.
Why it’s essential: QA testing is essential to ensure software quality, reliability and user satisfaction by identifying and resolving any issues or bugs.
Proof of Concept (POC)
Validate your concept with user research, prototype design, and market launch preparation with a POC.
Why it’s essential: Proofs of Concepts are important for validating the feasibility and potential success of a new idea or concept before investing significant resources.
Architecture Advisory
Evaluate your IT architecture, infrastructure, applications, and systems to identify areas for improvement and optimisation.
Why it’s essential: Architecture advisory provides expert guidance and recommendations to ensure sound technical decisions, scalability and alignment.

Our tools and technologies.

We use a selection of world-class tools and technologies to deliver exceptional results.

Vue.JS / Nuxt.JS PWA
Azure Functions
Azure APIM
Azure Logic Apps
ASP.Net Core WebAPI
Microsoft SQL Server
Cloud Platforms
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
the BCX portal displayed on a laptop

We designed and developed a mobile application for Life Health Solutions that drive customer acquisition and retention whilst streamlining marketing workflows.

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Custom software development is just one piece of the digital transformation puzzle.

Our team of software developers follow a typical agile approach to the software development lifecycle. What makes our work so exceptional is the cross-functional collaboration involved across all our projects. Our software developers work with architects, strategists, business analysts, scrum masters, UX/UI designers and QA testers to ensure the end-product we develop is of the highest quality and calibre, every time.

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“In an era where the only constant is change, the unique adaptability offered by custom development is not just an advantage; it's a business imperative.”
Botha van der Vyver, JustSolve CEO
Hannes van Niekerk
Co-Head of Development, JustSolve

FAQs about JustSolve’s Software Development Services.

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