Identify Top Tech Talent with JustSolve’s Talent Solutions.

Elevate your hiring process with expertly crafted technical evaluation designed to assist you in identifying top technical talent.

"The estimated cost of a bad hire ranges from 5 to 27 times the amount of the person's actual salary."
-Dr Brad Smart, Management Psychologist and Expert.

At JustSolve, we understand the complexities of identifying the right hire. Our comprehensive and tailored approach mitigates the risk of mis-hires and prioritises a positive candidate experience.

Our Technical Evaluation Categories:

*Includes but are not limited to the following.

Project Management
Cloud and Data
QA Testing

Find the Best Talent Solutions for Your Needs.

Our recommended options have been thoroughly tested to effectively evaluate candidates' technical proficiency, ensuring the validity of evaluations based on the specific requirements of each role and level of seniority. 

Blue Package

Suggested For:
Junior & Intermediate
  • Screening interviews
  • Technical skills assessments
  • Technical interview

Pink Package

Suggested For:
Senior, Tech Lead & Architect
  • Screening interviews
  • Technical skills assessments
  • Technical interview
  • Psychometric testing

Green Package

Suggested For:
Team Lead & Manager
  • Screening interviews
  • Psychometric testing

Purple Package

Suggested For:
Business Analyst & Scrum Master
  • Screening interviews
  • Technical skills assessments
  • Psychometric testing

*While these are recommended options, we also provide the flexibility for you to customise them according to your unique requirements and preferences.

Our Talent Solution Offerings.

Not finding the right fit? All of the above services are available as stand-alones, whether you require a specific solution outside of our recommended options or want to build your own.

Screening Interview

Conduct initial screenings to assess candidates' qualifications, experience, and fit for the role.

Technical Skills Assessments

Assess and validate candidates' technical competencies through tailored assessments designed to match specific job requirements.

Technical Interview

Conduct in-depth technical interviews to evaluate candidates' problem-solving skills, coding abilities, and domain knowledge.

Psychometric Testing

Understand candidates' personality traits, cognitive abilities, and workplace preferences for cultural fit and performance potential.

Background Checks

Verify candidates' credentials, employment history, and criminal records to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

Reference Checks

Obtain feedback from previous employers or colleagues to validate candidates' qualifications, performance, and suitability.

Additional Services.

Our commitment to empowering your workforce extends beyond the services mentioned above. Explore our additional services designed to support your hiring team's capabilities further.

Talent Acquisition
The JustSolve Solution:

Redefining the way you hire, source top-tier candidates with our tailored approach, experiencing unparalleled efficiency and scalability, allowing your team to focus on core business objectives and elevate your workforce.
Staff Augmentation
The JustSolve Solution:

Seamless integrate skilled professionals into your software projects with our flexible staffing solutions, delivering talent precisely when needed and ensuring a scalable workforce tailored to your project requirements.
People Management
The JustSolve Solution:

Elevate people management with tailored job profiles, job grading, benchmarking, and continuous learning, all supported by JustSolve's employee development plans and technical skills assessments.
Finding and retaining tech talent is a prevalent problem in today's ever-changing business environment.

Let us fill the critical gaps and support you in building your future-ready IT workforce today through JustSolve's talent management solutions.
Tanya Du Plessis headshot
Tanya Du Plessis
Talent Manager, JustSolve

FAQs about Talent Solutions at JustSolve.

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