Client Self-Service Portal
BCX Data Networks

An innovative self-service portal to improve corporate client experience and streamline admin workflows.

BCX, a subsidiary within Telkom Group, approached JustSolve to collaborate on establishing a Self-Service Portal (SSP) for their corporate clients who wanted a more convenient and efficient way to procure network services and solutions with minimal manual intervention.

The Objectives.

Improve corporate client experience.

Objective: To improve and expedite the BCX customer’s IMACD (Installation, Move, Add, Change, and Disposal) request processing experience, which involved waiting up to 4 business days for a request to be processed by their BCX Account Manager.

Streamline workflows and reduce admin.

Objective: To reduce the time-intensive administrative burden on BCX Account Managers by automating workflows, improving data accuracy and eliminating the need for repetitive interactions.

Smart system integrations.

Objective: To proactively build a future-proof system that can seamlessly integrate with existing BCX systems as well as upcoming initiatives.

The Outcomes.

Processing time cut from days to minutes.

With the implementation of a comprehensive customer self-service capability, automated workflows and seamless integrations, corporate clients of BCX Data Networks can now complete and submit their IMACD requests in minutes, as opposed to up to 4 business days.

Happy customers and improved productivity.

Since implementing the Self-Service Portal (SSP), BCX Data Networks has been able to streamline its operations and boost productivity. The SSP automates certain tasks and reduces the need for manual intervention, freeing up account managers to focus on high-value activities and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Approach and Product Type
Pro-Code, Web App
9 months, 2022

The Solution.

JustSolve delivered a comprehensive web portal where BCX Account Managers can manage their clients, corporate clients can submit and track their IMACD requests, and a fully integrated system allows data and workflows to be synced and automated in real-time.
value delivered
Proactive integrations with Azure AD Seamless SSO and Salesforce ensure maximised efficiency and future-proofs the portal for future iterations and initiatives.

  • Implementing single sign-on was advised by the JustSolve team in order to flexibly integrate the portal with existing internal BCX solutions, as well as with upcoming initiatives still in the discovery phase.
  • A seamless Salesforce integration automates previously manual workflows based on client decision points (e.g. accepting or declining a quote). With data being dealt with in real-time on the portal, all parties are kept up to date on the status of the request.
  • JustSolve assisted the BCX team in defining their Salesforce processes on a strategic level to expedite request processing and improve overall data integrity.
value delivered
A self-service workflow gives customers the flexibility to initiate, review and manage IMACD requests at their own convenience.

  • A simplified IMACD request workflow makes navigating complex topologies and network requirements quick and easy, meaning the customer can get their data network needs quoted, procured and initialised within minutes rather than days.
  • A simple dashboard allows customers to track, accept/decline and manage their service requests with real-time updates and alerts pulled straight from the Salesforce integration.
  • A drastically reduced admin burden frees up capacity for BCX Account Managers to more productively work on business-critical tasks.
value delivered
A focus on data integrity and implementing a scalable, serverless backend ensures the portal continues to run smoothly with accurate and secure data.

  • An integration with Google maps allows customers to select and pinpoint the precise location where a service is required, ensuring total data accuracy and critically eliminating the need for BCX account managers to physically visit remote locations for verification.
  • JustSolve worked with the BCX team to efficiently clean up and validate production data for optimal data integrity. This ensured the portal would go into production running smoothly.
  • JustSolve was the first company to build and host a system outside of BCX’s own networks. The team played a crucial role in showcasing the benefits of a cloud-based, serverless backend as a strategic initiative for BCX as an organisation.

Our Services and Approach.

Pro-code development
Web Development
Product Discovery
Workshop Facilitation
UX Strategy
UX/UI Design
UI Development
Scrum as a Service
Systems Integration
Quality Assurance (QA) Testing
Proof of Concept
Digital Transformation
Our Technical Approach

Our strategy revolved around gaining a comprehensive understanding of the client's business processes and maximising the value offered during the Proof of Concept. Specifically, we aimed to identify and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, which would free up employees' time and enable them to channel their expertise towards more critical tasks. From a technical standpoint, our focus was on scalability and security, which prompted us to opt for an Azure server-less architecture.

Willie Boshoff
Tech Lead
Our UX Approach

When we approached this project we had the following in mind: we had to take a user-centered approach, the focus was on creating a self-service portal for the client to empower their users to manage their own networks and to streamline the tedious admin process for the BCX client managers. We looked at all the different personas that would be needed and their journeys where mapped out. Seeing that the focus was “Self Service” we wanted to make sure that the software was intuitive and easy to navigate for the targeted user group.

Morrie Swart
UX Designer
Through our partnership with JustSolve, we developed an application that allows the automatic creation of opportunities and tasks, speeding up the whole process, yielding faster turnaround times, and increasing customer satisfaction.
Shamith Maharaj
Executive Manager, BCX

The right tools for the job.

JustSolve built a robust and reliable solution for BCX by leveraging a combination of powerful tried and tested tools. We developed the frontend with Nuxt.Js, Vue.js and Vuetify, and built the backend with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL and Azure AD B2C.

Using these tools allowed us to build a scalable, user-friendly and easily integrable solution that the business can continue to iterate on as their requirements for the solution expand.

An Award-Winning Product.

This solution has received the following prestigious awards.

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