Employee Wellness App
Life Health Solutions

Streamlining employee healthcare services with a centralised wellness application.

Life Health Solutions needed to create centralised mobile and web applications where their clients' employees could take digitised health and wellness risk assessments as part of an initiative to centralise employee healthcare services.

The Objectives.

A single point of entry for employee wellness.

Objective: To enhance the experience of Life Health Solution’s clients by creating a single place for their employees to access health and wellness services provided by different internal business units.

Streamline marketing workflows.

Objective: To allow the Life Health Solutions marketing team to manage and sync health and wellness content seamlessly to the app, as well as track content and employee engagement.

Improve brand reputation and drive customer acquisition and retention.

Objective: To improve the reputation of the Life Health Solutions brand as a trusted leader in the employee healthcare industry by driving growth through customer acquisition and regaining lost opportunities due to low customer engagement.

The Outcomes.

A successful launch.

After a successful internal soft-launch in late 2022, the app has now officially launched to 4 clients as of April 2023, with 539 client users onboarded and 284 risk assessments successfully completed to date.

An empowered, efficient marketing team.

A powerful CMS has allowed the LHS marketing team to create and publish wellness content to the app in one click. With simple engagement tracking tools in place, the team can clearly see the content that is resonating with users, and similarly the content which is falling flat.

Recognised by OutSystems as a Quality App with measurable business impact.

The app was awarded the OutSystems Quality App badge in 2023 with a score of 95% in recognition of its technical excellence and user-centered approach. In addition we were awarded the 2022 Business Impact Award in recognition of the app's impact on the Healthcare industry.

Approach and Product Type
Low-Code, Web and Mobile App
7 months, 2022

The Solution.

JustSolve built a user-centric, mobile-first application where the Life Health Solutions marketing team can manage targeted wellness content, employees can access wellness tools, and clients' can gain valuable insights into the overall health and wellness of their workforce.
value delivered
A custom-built Content Management System (CMS) allows the LHS Marketing team to seamlessly upload, manage and track targeted content directly to the app.
  • Customisable content (articles, podcasts and videos) can be managed with full version control and review/publishing processes in place.
  • Content can be tagged with wellness tags and defined as ‘universal’ or ‘company specific’ to ensure the right employees are seeing the right targeted content.
  • A comprehensive reporting dashboard allows the marketing team to analyse engagement both overall and per company, with visual widgets providing insights into views, favourites and clicks.
value delivered
A centralised digital wellness platform provides a personalised wellness library, health calculators and other valuable tools to company employees.

  • Employees can record and update their allergies, conditions, family history and surgeries as part of their centralised health profile. This data securely integrates with other internal systems to provide the employee with a single place to manage wellness services.
  • Mandatory risk assessments calculate employees’ risk factors across multiple health pillars including physical wellness, nutrition, and mental health. Based on the results of the risk assessment, support can be provided to the employee for any areas flagged as high or medium risk.
  • In addition, targeted content from the CMS can be pushed to the employee’s app to help them manage any risk areas identified through the results of their risk assessments.
value delivered
With critical integrations, Life Health Solutions can intelligently aggregate data related to employee well-being, allowing employers to gain valuable insights into the health and wellness of their workforce.

  • An integration with Life Health Solutions' contract management portal 'Nexus' allows wellness data and trends to be automatically collected and processed from multiple sources to the employee's secure electronic health profile.
  • With access to real-time health and wellness metrics (but NOT sensitive patient information), employers are able to meet legal/ethical obligations for a safe and healthy workplace, identify general improvement areas, and take proactive steps to promote a healthier and more productive workforce.

Our Services and Approach.

Low-code development
Mobile Development
Web Development
Scrum as a Service
Product Discovery
Workshop Facilitation
UX Strategy
UX/UI Design
UI Development
Quality Assurance (QA) Testing
Systems Integration
Digital Transformation
Our UX Approach

We approached this project with the following in mind: there is a legacy app which needs improvement, the target audience, the app’s purpose and features, the usability and being intuitive. For the target audience, we looked at the psychographic characteristics of the target users, such as age, gender, health conditions, lifestyle, and preferences. This led to the determining which features we would reuse and improve from the legacy app and which new features we could add which would be beneficial for our target audience.

Morrie Swart
UX Designer
Our Technical Approach

Our team faced the challenge of integrating multiple applications for a client with a diverse app portfolio. The goal was to create a flexible and easily extensible app that could adapt to the client's future needs and streamline the development process for subsequent teams. The success of this project can be attributed to our proactive approach in creating generic, reusable components and leveraging the integrative capabilities of Outsystems. By focusing on future-proofing the app and fostering collaboration between teams, we were able to create an efficient, easily extensible app that meets the client's needs while paving the way for seamless future developments.

Baudine Lubbe
Software Developer
It was a pleasure working with the JustSolve team, they really went above and beyond, not only delivering within budget but exceeding our expectations.
Jithen Paramanund
​Senior Product Development Manager, Life Healthcare
A big thanks to each and everyone who had a hand in the LHC Mobile App, and congratulations on being awarded the OutSystems Quality App with a score of 94%. This is a true team effort which can’t be achieved by one individual. Thanks for pulling together and delivering quality work!
Lani Uys​
Head of Product Development and Sales, Life Healthcare​​
Thank you for all the hard work and dedication for bring this app “ALIVE”! Congratulations to the entire JustSolve Team. You should be very proud.
Samantha Kalichuran​
Senior Project Manager, Life Health Solutions

The right tools for the job.

With OutSystems, we were able to streamline the entire development process, from ideation to deployment. The platform provides a collaborative environment for our team to work together, ensuring a smooth and efficient development process.

An Award-Winning Product.

This solution has received the following prestigious awards.

Business Impact Award

Awarded in partnership with Life Health Solutions for the impact made within the healthcare industry.

Quality App Badge - Employee Wellness

Awarded by OutSystems to recognise the Employee Wellness App as an architecturally sound, secure, and user-friendly application.

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