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Financial Adviser

Empowering Digital Transformation through Sales Process Digitisation.

The purpose was to digitise the sales process for a leading insurance provider. The goal was to develop a tool that the intermediaries could use in the field to offer customers family funeral plans both online and offline. As part of this project, we partnered with biometric to enhance the tool's functionality. *Client identity and confidential information safeguarded by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The Objectives.

Policy requests digitisation.

Objective: To digitise policy requests to enable members or their Power of Attorney to easily submit policy requests from their mobile devices even without an active internet connection.

Bio-metric identification integration.

Objective: To streamline the process and accuracy of customer verification by seamlessly integrating with a leading bio-metric identification solution.

Future-ready product factory.

Objective: To develop a product factory to pro-actively ensure that the application is future-ready, whilst eliminating the need for future rollouts. Providing a solution that evolves alongside the business needs.

The Outcomes.

Improved sales efficiency and accuracy.

The digitisation of the sales process allows sales teams to focus more on engaging with customers and closing deals, leading to improved sales performance and higher accuracy in policy processing.

Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.

Improvements in customer experience led to higher satisfaction levels, fostering customer loyalty and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Adaptable to future changes.

Product factory ensures the system remains adaptable. Allowing the client to respond effectively to market changes, stay competitive, and drive sustained growth in the long term.

Approach and Product Type
Pro-Code, Mobile App
Financial Services
3 months 2023

The Solution.

JustSolve, together with our client, has developed a user-friendly mobile application that allows customer to valid and apply for funeral plans in real time, even when they are offline. All data seamlessly syncs once users reconnect online, ensuring adaptability, convenience, and a smooth customer experience.
value delivered
Agile and scalable Product Factory drives continuous improvement and adaptability.
  • With the implemented Product Factory, back-end data can be edited and updated without the need for new version rollouts.
  • Users have access to the latest features and functionalities, providing an improved user experience.
  • Product Factory's architecture enables easy scalability without significant disruptions or additional development efforts.
value delivered
Streamlined digital sales process delivers convenience, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Eliminates the need for physical paperwork and in-person visits, providing customers with the convenient of engaging with the sales process from anywhere, anytime, using their mobile devise.  
  • Customers have the capability to capture all policy-related data offline, with synchronisation occurring once they reconnect to the internet.
  • Reduce errors and delays by eliminating manual data entry and improving data accuracy.
  • Automation and streamlined workflows enable faster validation, verification, and approval, reducing the overall turnaround time for customers.
value delivered
Enhancing security and customer satisfaction through seamless integration with bio-metric identification solution.
  • By leveraging the bio-metric technology, the risk of identity fraud and impersonation is significantly reduced.
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry and paper-based documentation, streamlining the customer verification process. This reduces administrative overhead and minimises potential errors.
  • Offline capabilities enable users to perform biometric authentication seamlessly, even without an internet connection, streamlining the process and enhancing convenience for customers.

Our Services and Approach.

Mobile Development
Pro-code development
UI Development
Systems Integration

Development Approach

We created a progressive web application that could be compiled to a secure native android apk for native android device functionality. Using a combination of Azure API management and SQL and Azure logic apps to ensure users of the app always have the latest pricing changes, without needing to update anything. We integrated with 3rd party providers to authenticate users by leveraging advanced finger and face biometrics verification to ensure an ironclad layer of security. Our aim was to streamline the process of user verification, biometrics verification, and user policy data capturing, while also ensuring no capturing errors occur with validations at every step.

Gerrit Botes
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The right tools for the job.

Our expertise in utilising Ionic Vue JS for front-end development, Azure for API interface, and Azure SQL Server for the database ensure a powerful foundation for this project. We delivered exceptional performance, scalability, and security with these cutting-edge tools.

An Award-Winning Product.

This solution has received the following prestigious awards.

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