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From Paperwork to Digital Excellence, Driving Efficiency and Compliance.

The purpose of the project was to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that digitises the Certification of Fitness (CoF) consultation capture process, facilitates COF creation, enables onsite or remote sign-off, and offers on-demand digital reporting with reminders for upcoming medical and follow-up dates. This initiative is essential for legislative compliance, to ensure our client competitiveness in the market, and to advance the transition to company wide cloud-based patient records. *Client identity and confidential information safeguarded by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The Objectives.

Reduce tedious paperwork.

Objective: To simplify the patient data entry process for nurses, reducing the need to repeatedly fill out multiple forms for each employee's visit.

Enhance OMP accessibility.

Objective:To facilitate remote access for Occupational Healthcare Practitioners (OMPs) to review medical records and issue certificates, eliminating the need for physical presence at the clinic.

Efficient note management.

Objective:To improve the note-taking and storage process by digitising records, reducing physical storage space requirements, and enhancing data organisation.

The Outcomes.

Streamlined CoF issuance and management.

The system dramatically expedites CoF issuance, renewal, and management, leveraging automation to streamline tasks such as application processing and review, resulting in faster processing times.

Reduced administrative overhead and ensured compliance.

The system abolishes manual paperwork, decreasing administrative workload, paperwork inaccuracies, and associated expenses. Moreover, the system can be updated with greater ease to conform to evolving regulations, ensuring continuous alignment with legal prerequisites.

Empowering data-driven insights in CoF management.

Digital records are more efficiently organised and managed, enabling certifying authorities to swiftly search, retrieve, and monitor CoF data for auditing and compliance purposes. Reports on CoF renewals and compliance can be generated, furnishing valuable insights for regulatory decision-making.

Approach and Product Type
Low-Code, Mobile App
10 months, 2023

The Solution.

The solution was to significantly reduce paperwork, streamline processes, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency for both applicants and certifying authorities while ensuring regulatory compliance by digitising the current process.
value delivered
Streamlined record-keeping by digitising employee details, reducing paperwork for nurses and improving accuracy.
  • Eliminated the burden of tedious paperwork by digitising employee records.
  • Nurses can now capture employee details once, and the system stores them as digital records.
  • This saves nurses time and allows them to focus on medical tasks instead of paperwork.
value delivered
Occupational Healthcare Practitioners gained enhanced accessibility to employee medical records, enabling more informed decisions.
  • With the process digitised, OMPs can access employee medical records from their own practices.
  • They can review the captured data, make informed decisions about fitness certificates, and mobile units can access this information in the future.
value delivered
Efficient note-taking during medical exams became possible, with notes staying contextually relevant and easily accessible to OMPs and quality managers.
  • Our online system simplifies note-taking during medical examinations.
  • Nurses can capture notes as they perform tests, ensuring that notes remain contextually relevant.
  • This streamlined approach makes it easier for OMPs and quality managers to review and access the notes.

Our Services and Approach.

Digital Transformation
Low-code development
UI Development
Mobile Development
UX/UI Design

Our UX/UI Approach

When building a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) system, prioritising a user-centric approach to User Experience (UX) design was crucial. Our approach was to have a well-designed CoF user-centric system to streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve user satisfaction. By keeping to this approach, we created a system that is efficient, compliant with regulations, and responsive to the needs of all stakeholders involved in the certification process.

Morrie Swart
UX Designer

Our Development Approach

A highly skilled development team was assembled, which was made up of experts in their respective fields. The project vision was communicated to the team, and a lot of sessions were held so everyone had a clear understanding of what the required outcome needed to be. Our Initial Sprint focused on the architectural design that was needed to put the foundation in place. Sprint Planning meetings were conducted for each sprint where User Stories were Prioritised and refined. Before Development started (per Sprint) all User stories were broken down into Tasks which helped with getting a more accurate size when doing the sizing of the user stories and allowed for multiple Software Developers to work on the same User story, where applicable.

Johan Strydom
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The right tools for the job.

With OutSystems, we were able to streamline the entire development process, from ideation to deployment. The platform provides a collaborative environment for our team to work together, ensuring a smooth and efficient development process.

An Award-Winning Product.

This solution has received the following prestigious awards.

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