The purpose of this project was to develop a digital solution for Avis Fleet, enabling fleet owners and drivers to easily perform routine self-inspections to improve productivity and enhance the user experience for all involved.

The Objectives.

Streamline inspection processes.

Objective: To streamline and refine the inspection procedures, alleviating the burden on internal inspectors by making vehicle inspections more efficient and effective.

Seamless integration with established systems.

Objective :To maximise the utilisation of Avis Fleet's AS400 system by seamlessly integrating their new platform to eliminate redundancy and ensure integration within pre-existing infrastructure.

Cultivating customer empowerment.

Objective: To create a new customer experience that would allow customers to take charge of their own vehicle inspections, streamlining the process for both customers and internal staff.

The Outcomes.

1k+ downloads​.

With over 1,000 downloads, the self-inspection platform has gained significant traction, highlighting its value to fleet managers, drivers and the Avis Fleet business as a whole.

4+ Play Store rating.

Feedback from users showcases their satisfaction with the platform's functionality and overall experience, reinforcing Avis Fleet and JustSolve's commitment to providing innovative, user-centric solutions that yield results and keep customers satisfied.

Approach and Product Type
Pro-Code, Mobile App
6 Months, 2018

The Solution.

Our solution for Avis Fleet transforms inspection processes through an intuitive self-inspection application that optimises fleet management efficiency.
value delivered
The implementation of the new self-inspection platform reduces workload and improves productivity.
  • Manual coordination becomes obsolete with the introduction of the self-inspection platform.
  • Swift and hassle-free inspections reduce unnecessary delays and administrative hurdles.
  • Automated scheduling enhances efficiency and eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication.
value delivered
At the heart of the solution is an intuitive step-by-step interface that requires no prior training.
  • This design approach ensures that customers of varying technical backgrounds can effortlessly engage with the platform.
  • Clear and concise instructions guide users through each stage of the inspection process.

  • Overall intuitive design guarantees a smooth and easy experience, enabling users to complete inspections confidently and promptly.
value delivered
Avis Fleet gains the ability to effectively track and manage all inspection data.
  • Comprehensive inspection data management enables Avis Fleet to effortlessly monitor and oversee fleet status.
  • Real-time data updates ensure that the fleet's current condition is always accurately reflected in the system.
  • Data-driven insights derived from the tracking system empower Avis Fleet to make informed decisions about fleet maintenance and operations.

Our Services and Approach.

Mobile Development
Web Development
Pro-code development
UI Development
UX/UI Design
Our UX Approach

After observing the Avis Fleet Inspectors doing their inspections with the existing system, we found that the current inspection process was repetitive and time-consuming, with long forms consisting of small, hard-to-read radio buttons and checklists needing to be completed for each section of the vehicle. As we were leveraging an existing platform (Centricity) to provide the framework for the white-labelled Avis Fleet app, we couldn’t design any part of the app itself, and therefore had to be smart with what user-experience gains we could provide to users. We worked with the workflow-authoring team to make the inspection process as visual and seamless as possible using the insights gathered from our observations. We used relevant vehicle imagery to convey what the user needed to do at each stage, and allowed them to quickly proceed to the next stage of the inspection if there was no damage to report (where previously they would have to report on each part of the vehicle, regardless of damage). This allowed the Inspectors to do a comprehensive inspection of each vehicle much more quickly and efficiently.

Kimberleigh Phillips-Page
UX Designer and Strategist
Our Development Approach

We wanted to leverage the centricity workflow app. To do so we created a skeleton application that could be white labelled for Avis themselves and only had to do minimal authentication changes to integrate with their user base.The Centicity workflow allowed for data to be sent to external sources and we leveraged that to send the data to x-layer who would then be able to validate and transform the data into an Avis approved pdf report.

JJ Botha
The JustSolve team has always been very professional and I have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, well organised, keep to timelines, and offer very competitive rates.
Mike Ré
CIO, Avis Fleet

The right tools for the job.

Incorporating Centricity and X-Layer allowed us to build a solution that aligns perfectly with Avis Fleet's goals of efficiency, user empowerment and streamlined operations. These tools were instrumental in creating an innovative platform that not only simplifies inspections but also enhances the overall fleet management experience.

An Award-Winning Product.

This solution has received the following prestigious awards.

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