The purpose of this project was to implement a digital Triage process for Life Healthcare's Emergency departments. Our team streamlined the triage process and increased patient capacity by transitioning a paper-based system into a comprehensive mobile app.

The Objectives.

Increase patient capacity.

Objective: To enhance patient capacity by 10% through strategic measures and process optimisation, expanding the client's ability to accommodate more patients without compromising the highest standards of care.

Streamline check-in to doctor process.

Objective: To optimise workflows and leverage technology to guarantee that each patient is promptly attended to by a doctor within a maximum timeframe of 30 minutes from the moment they enter the premises.

Eliminate the need for physical documents.

Objective: To streamline administrative tasks, improve access to patient records and foster enhanced collaboration and communication among healthcare professionals by eliminating the need for paper-based documentation.

The Outcomes.

Improved transparency and communication.

By transitioning to a comprehensive digital app for the Triage process, patients and healthcare professionals have access to real-time updates on waiting times and queue status.

Increased patient capacity.

This increased capacity will help reduce waiting times, ensure timely treatment, and meet the growing demand for emergency medical services.

Streamlined workflow and efficient care delivery.

By implementing the digital app and optimising processes, healthcare professionals can efficiently manage patient flow, prioritise cases and allocate resources effectively.

Approach and Product Type
Low-Code, Mobile App
4 months, 2018

The Solution.

Our Services and Approach.

Digital Transformation
Low-code development
Mobile Development
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The right tools for the job.

An Award-Winning Product.

This solution has received the following prestigious awards.

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