Seacom required a digital platform that offer a complete end-to-end customer journey, enabling customers to find and purchase the right package for them at their chosen address as well as manage their services and account details. JustSolve was responsible for designing and developing the customer ISP portal as well as integrating the portal with several critical systems.

The Objectives.

Market Saturation.

Objective: To develop an innovative digital solution that enables Wondernet to establish a distinctive edge and swiftly claim their stake in the market.

Limited time to market

Objective: To be competitive in the consumer ISP market, Seacom needed to launch a turnkey solution within a small window of opportunity as speed to market was essential.

Complex integrations

Objective: To create a consolidated, all-in-one solution that leverages existing investments automates processes across various cloud-based platforms.​

The Outcomes.

Increased ​sales

Through the streamlined and accessible Progressive Web App (PWA), customer engagement and conversion rates experienced a notable upsurge.

Enhancing operational efficiency and visibility

The speed of processing orders, data accuracy, and integration into the services layers all contribute to a seamless end-to-end process, allowing WonderNet to track customer orders in real-time throughout their journey.

Reduced overheads

The implementation of this PWA solution reduces overhead by unifying development, ensuring cross-platform compatibility, avoiding app store fees, facilitating efficient updates, streamlining marketing efforts, enhancing user retention, and simplifying support processes.

Approach and Product Type
Pro-Code, Progressive Web App (PWA)
3 months, 2021

The Solution.

The solution encompasses the deployment of a Progressive Web App (PWA) as the ideal solution. This strategic choice minimises redundant efforts and rework, ultimately leading to a highly cost-effective solution.
value delivered
A Progressive Web App (PWA) approach was selected for its cost-effective accessibility, cross-platform support, ease of maintenance, and SEO advantages.
  • PWAs have the unique capability of supporting both mobile and desktop applications concurrently, eliminating the necessity for deployment on App Stores and simplifying the maintenance process.
  • The use of a PWA enhances the discoverability through advanced SEO (Optimise meta tags, improving website speed, improved mobile-friendliness, and seamless user experiences), improving rankings and attracting valuable organic traffic.
  • PWAs are cost-effective to develop and maintain compared to native mobile apps for multiple platforms (iOS and Android). This eliminates the need to invest in separate development teams and resources for each platform.
value delivered
JustSolve Integration Layer was used for streamlining integration with an array of 3rd party systems.
  • The JustSolve Integration Layer (JIL) enables the efficiently integration of multiple third-party systems, streamlining data exchange and enabling seamless, automated interactions to enhance business processes and customer experiences.
  • This integration encompasses a wide array of third-party systems, including Netcash, Axiros, Centricity, Clickatell, and AgilityGIS.
value delivered
Our solutions approach revolved around agile development principles.
  • The WonderNet team provided the initial vision for the project, and through an Agile approach, we built a solution that best fulfilled that vision.
  • The agile approach enables real-time incorporation of feedback and user journey adjustments, enhancing responsiveness and adaptability to evolving user needs and market dynamics.
  • WonderNet’s engagement throughout the development process ensured alignment with expectations, ultimately leading to a triumphant project outcome.

Our Services and Approach.

UX/UI Design
PWA Development
Low-code development
Quality Assurance (QA) Testing
Our Developer Approach

Our back-end approach for this project was to deliver an app that kept the customers engaged and allowed the customer to make use of a PWA for all of their VISP needs. We had to adapt to evolving needs during development as we received feedback from the client and implemented functionality that allowed the app to integrate with various different services with no real difference noted on the front-end.

Emil Viljoen
Our UI Approach

Our front-end approach for this project prioritised delivering a seamless, user-centric digital experience. We placed a strong emphasis on responsive design, guaranteeing a consistent experience across diverse devices and screen sizes.Throughout development, we incorporated continuous device testing and gathered user feedback, enabling us to refine the front-end and promptly address any usability concerns. In summary, our front-end approach successfully blended creativity with technical expertise, resulting in a visually stunning, user-friendly, high-performing interface that seamlessly aligned with the project's goals and objectives.

Megan Bonnema
UI Developer
Absolute pleasure and a professional team to work with. We were also extremely appreciative of the team’s willingness to adapt to changing requirements based on market needs and flexible trouble shooting to find solutions to complex problems. We are committed to a long-term relationship and future projects with the team.
Matthew Campbell
Head of FTTH, WonderNet

The right tools for the job.

Incorporating these meticulously chosen tools not only streamlined development and integration but also ensured that each aspect of the solution was backed by the optimal technology for its specific role.

An Award-Winning Product.

This solution has received the following prestigious awards.

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