March 2, 2024

Conquering Your Growing Application Backlog with Low-Code.

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By using low-code platforms, you can accelerate app development and reduce your application backlog. To put it in numbers, low-code users are 12% more likely to experience an improvement in the size of their app backlog.

How to stay ahead of your backlog and competitors?

Businesses can't afford to spend months or years on software development. Forrester's recent research reveals that 50% of organisations embrace the low-code approach because it offers the fastest speed of delivery compared to traditional code-based development. Low-code is not just about accelerating development; it's about gaining a competitive edge in the market and much more.

Reducing Time to Build Applications.

So, how does low-code achieve such remarkable speed? Here are the key factors contributing to its rapid development:

  • Visual editor: Low-code relies heavily on visual design tools, making it accessible even to those with limited technical backgrounds. The drag-and-drop design drastically reduce the learning curve, saving both time and money.  
  • Building blocks: Low-code emphasises modularity and component reuse, streamlining the development process. It allows for customisation and fine-tuning, ensuring that your applications meet your specific business needs.
  • Quick testing and upscaling: With pre-built blocks, low-code apps undergo faster testing and debugging, eliminating the need for exhaustive unit testing. Low-code platforms are also scaling-friendly, making them ideal for multi-tenant apps, and deployment becomes a breeze.

How Long Does App Development Usually Take?

A new product typically takes a significant amount of time to develop, depending on many variables, including the specific requirements, as well as the complexity. If we exclude the time it takes to validate the market fit of a new product or concept, which is typically 2 months, then the following is a general guideline that can be used:

| **App Complexity** | **Traditional Code-Based Development** | **Low-Code Development** | |----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|--------------------------| | **Simple, MVP, or Prototypes** | 3 months | 6 weeks | | **More Involved, Medium Complexity** | 6 months | 3 months | | **Advanced Features, High Complexity** | 12 months | 5 months |

These timelines are typically more than 4x faster than traditional code-based development, requiring less software engineers. If you have more people available and want to move even faster, it's possible to cut these timelines further, ensuring you stay ahead in the fast-paced world of application development and ever-growing IT backlogs.

NOTE: The times we present in this blog are based on our internal turnaround and delivery schedules. Our dedicated team of Solvers can deliver complete software products at a level ideal for enterprises and established startups that need to move fast.  

In the modern business landscape, rapid development is a game-changer. Quickly bringing applications to market provides a competitive advantage and reduces business risk as well as software development costs.

Low-code is your “not so secret” weapon to rapid innovation. The potential first-mover's advantage can transform your business.  

Established startups and large enterprises alike adopt low-code tools to enhance performance and stability, to go to market quicker by iterating rapidly with shorter feedback cycles, and to cut costs. While there are certain limitations to some of the low-code platforms and frameworks, our team at JustSolve has the expertise to bridge the gap for you, after all, we are a software development solutions company.  

Remember than not all low-code platforms are created equally – and JustSolve has handpicked its world-class tools and partners so that our clients can ultimately benefit.

Want to conquer your company's app backlog or launch that new startup idea you have been dreaming of?

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