Provider Portal​
Life Health Solutions

Streamlined compliance management and automated digital invoicing for contracted healthcare affiliates.

Life Health Solutions faced a significant challenge in managing the compliance of its contracted healthcare affiliates. JustSolve stepped in to provide a solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing systems, addressing all compliance and optimisation concerns and streamlining business processes to improve efficiency across the board.

The Objectives.

Streamline affiliate management.

Objective: To move away from managing the profiles of contracted healthcare affiliates in Microsoft Excel, and instead govern the compliance of affiliates’ employment contracts, malpractice insurance, and council memberships all in one central place.

Digitise paper-based review processes.

Objective: To replace costly paper-based compliance/billing review processes and repetitive back-and-forth email correspondence with a streamlined, efficient and automated submission/review workflow.

Seamless internal integrations.

Objective: To strategically integrate with other internal initiatives to provide a consolidated, smart suite of healthcare services to the employees and affiliates of Life Health Solutions and its customers.

The Outcomes.

Complex processes simplified.

Optimising paper and email based processes into intuitive and efficient digital workflows led to a drastic reduction in administrative burden for LHS administrators and finance managers.

An agile administrative team with a highly configurable system.

Administrators have full flexibility to update portal configurations, empowering them to make immediate changes when new business requirements come in, without the need for developer intervention.

Recognised by OutSystems as a Quality App with measurable business impact.

The portal was awarded the OutSystems Quality App badge in 2022 with a score of 94% in recognition of its technical excellence, and user-centered approach. In addition we were awarded the 2022 Business Impact Award in recognition of the portal's impact on the Healthcare industry.

Approach and Product Type
Low-Code, Web App
13 Months, 2021

The Solution.

JustSolve developed an integrated portal where healthcare affiliates can easily manage their compliance documentation and bill for services rendered. Life Health Solutions administrators are empowered to efficiently manage these contracted affiliates as well as review submitted compliance documentation and invoices.
value delivered
An intuitive web portal where healthcare affiliates of Life Health Solutions can manage their profile, compliance requirements and invoice for their services at their convenience.
  • A guided process to submit evidence of compliancy reduces the likelihood of an affiliate being deemed 'Non-Compliant' for submitting incomplete or incorrect documentation for review.
  • A seamless integration with Life Health Solutions' case management tool allows affiliates to invoice for services rendered immediately after a case is closed on the case management portal.
  • A digitised invoice is automatically generated for the affiliate - all they need to do is upload additional supporting documentation as needed, give the details a ‘once-over’ and submit for review, making a previously cumbersome process seamless and efficient.

value delivered
A central place for Life Health Solutions Managers and Financial Administrators to manage and review the compliance status, service allocation, performance, and invoices of healthcare affiliates.

  • An interactive dashboard allows Life Health Solutions admins to manage the compliance and RAG status of affiliates, allowing them to quickly identify affiliates who have fallen out of compliance and performance requirements.
  • A comprehensive compliance review workflow ensures all documents submitted by affiliates are accurately checked against mandatory compliance requirements, reducing the risk of oversight and manual error.
  • A digitised invoicing workflow expedites the invoice approval process through three review stages, eliminating the need for wasteful and time-intensive paper-based billing.
value delivered
An integrated and auditable configuration panel where critical elements of the system can be flexibly configured by an Life Health Solutions administrator.

  • Via the configuration panel, a super-admin can configure affiliate types, define specific compliance requirements for each speciality and manage changes to business as usual(BAU) administrative functions whenever required, without the need for developer intervention.
  • Service rates can be flexibly configured with default, speciality-specific and affiliate-specific rate configs. These rates are automatically mapped back to invoicing, ensuring accurate billing and saving time and effort for both the affiliate and the Life Health Solutions Manager.
  • A full audit trail ensures any configuration changes made by an admin are tracked, logged and can be reviewed as necessary.

Our Services and Approach.

Business Analysis
Digital Transformation
Low-code development
Quality Assurance (QA) Testing
Product Support
UX/UI Design
UX Strategy
UI Development
Scrum as a Service
Systems Integration
App Modernisation
Web Development
Our Technical Approach

We inherited this project and so did not start with a clean slate. Our aim was to craft a well-architected application and in the process to improve the foundation upon which we were building. The JustSolve approach to development is to produce secure, performant and maintainable code. We used OutSystems AI MentorStudio to help us identify areas needing improvement and this supported the Provider Portal development process. In this, we were successful, as evidenced by the Quality Application badge that was awarded by OutSystems after the project concluded.

Vera Jonkers
Our UX Approach

As with any agile project, we were working a sprint ahead of development on Provider Portal and so were rapidly discovering and iterating on new insights from our user-base and the business development team as we went. We were incredibly fortunate on this project to be working very closely with the users who were going to be using and relying on the product, so getting their feedback, insights and observations each sprint was critical for success. We were also mindful of building a product that was scalable for future initiatives within the Life Health Solutions ecosystem, and our UI engineer, Megan Bonnema, ensured that the components we designed were future-proofed by building them in a reusable, accessible and responsive manner.

Kimberleigh Phillips-Page
UX Designer and Strategist
JustSolve is a professional company that follows agile methodologies in a way that delivers measurable progress, visible value and realised benefits with each sprint. ​​JustSolve made sure that we always had access to highly skilled resources. It came as no surprise that the Provider Portal App was awarded the OutSystems ​Quality App Badge for excellence.
Alistair Petersen​
Head of IT, Life Healthcare​

The right tools for the job.

OutSystems low-code development platform allowed our team to quickly and easily create the application's user interface and workflows, which were tailored to Life Health Solutions' specific compliance needs.

An Award-Winning Product.

This solution has received the following prestigious awards.

Business Impact Award

Awarded in partnership with Life Health Solutions for the impact made within the healthcare industry.

Quality App Badge - Provider Portal

Awarded by OutSystems to recognise 'Provider Portal' as an architecturally sound, secure, and user-friendly application.

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