April 12, 2023

The Power of Pink: The Story Behind JustSolve’s Branding

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In the world of branding, choosing the right colour can have a significant impact on how your business is perceived. It’s why we took the time to carefully consider our brand’s primary colour, eventually settling on a shade that would embody our values and aspirations.

But why did we choose pink, and what does this colour signify?

Pink is often associated with kindness, trustworthiness, and creativity, to name a few. It’s a colour that conveys a sense of warmth, nurture and long-term relationships, which is precisely what JustSolve wanted to communicate to our employees (Solvers) and clients.  

But it wasn’t just the associations with pink that drew JustSolve to the colour. Pink, also aligned with our core values, helps us communicate these values in a way that feels approachable and friendly.

How Pink represent JustSolve and our values:

Transparency/ honesty/ trustworthiness

Our Core Value: Tell the truth even when it hurts.

How it relates to JustSolve: We are committed to telling the truth, even when it’s difficult, by empowering our clients with all the necessary information they need to make informed decisions even if it is not what they were expecting to hear. We believe showing respect through honesty and transparency is key to building client trust.



Our Core Value: Tech is a catalyst, not a crutch.

How it relates to JustSolve: We build all our partnerships on loyalty. We only use technology partners we trust and that share our values. We carefully evaluate and adopt mature technologies beyond the hype cycle, ensuring they provide clients with the best solutions that will be supported by in-demand talent. We work flexibly with our clients and are committed to working collaboratively to achieve their goals.  


Our Core Value: Drive outcome over effort.

How it relates to JustSolve: We prioritise outcome over effort and make decisions based on measured results. We trust each team member (Solver) to make their own decisions using both experience and facts. We want to deliver continuous value to our clients in a sustainable, supportive, and collaborative environment. This is reflected in our cross-functional team approach, which brings together individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds, to work together towards a common goal.


Our Core Value: Always be kind.

How it relates to JustSolve: We treat each other with kindness and look after each other’s well-being. By putting our team’s well-being first, our Solvers have created a work environment where everyone loves what they do daily. This commitment to kindness extends beyond the workplace. We are great at working remotely, allowing our employees to have a better work-life balance. In prioritising our well-being, we host and encourage a range of social events as we strive to create a positive work culture.


Our Core Value: Make the complex simple every day.

How it relates to JustSolve: We simplify complex problems and seek to subtract before adding. By holding ourselves accountable by recognising mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow, we continue to innovate and improve our problem-solving skills. By fostering a culture of creativity, we approach challenges with a fresh perspective and develop innovative solutions that solve the required business goals for our clients. As creative problem solvers, we always strive to push the boundaries and find new and innovative ways to solve challenges.

Warmth and nurture

Our Core Value: Empowerment through lifelong learning.

How it relates to JustSolve: We believe in empowerment through lifelong learning. We seek to provide a supportive and nurturing environment that allows each Solver to grow and thrive. Knowledge, skills (soft and hard), and expertise are critical for personal and professional development. We encourage each Solver to continuously improve and expand their abilities, enabling us to provide clients with highly skilled teams that will accelerate innovation.

Choosing a brand colour isn’t just about picking something that looks nice or seems trendy. It’s about finding a colour that aligns with your company’s values and character and communicates the right message to your employees and clients.

We understand this, and that is why the colour pink as our primary brand colour was a deliberate and thought-out decision. We wanted a colour that reflected the character and the values JustSolve was built on, and pink was the one colour with the power to do just that.  

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Chané Fourie
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