November 28, 2023

What’s Next - JustSolve CEO Botha van der Vyver discusses how AI and low-code accelerates digital transformation

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What's Next interview

In this insightful interview, Botha delves into the concept of low-code and sheds light on the transformative trends and market shifts catalysed by the fusion of low-code and AI solutions.

He articulates the strategic significance of integrating AI and low-code development into a company's approach, elaborating on how organisations leverage these solutions for a competitive advantage.

The conversation also touches upon the common challenges businesses encounter while adopting these innovative solutions. It emphasises how JustSolve stands as a reliable partner in overcoming these obstacles.

The interview concluded with Botha outlining JustSolve's commitment to staying at the forefront of development trends, ensuring customers receive cutting-edge and potent solutions.

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Botha van der Vyver

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