Deliver Game-Changing Software with Mendix and JustSolve.

Our partnership with Mendix will provide our clients with a wide range of opportunities to revolutionise their digital landscape and develop cutting-edge software solutions.

Mendix was named a Leader in Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute.

— the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms Report.
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What is Mendix?

Mendix is a leading low-code application development platform that empowers businesses to rapidly build, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade applications with minimal hand-coding.

It provides a visual development environment, pre-built templates, and reusable components, allowing both developers and non-developers to collaborate efficiently in creating applications.

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About our Partnership.

Join us on this new journey as we explore new possibilities and continue to push the boundaries of hyperautomation with low-code.

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The Start of Our Journey.

We have signed a partnership agreement with Mendix, opening up new opportunities for our clients across many industries when it comes to automation, digitisation, and digital transformation.

Build game-changing software and conquer your complex software challenges.

Whether you need complex application development or seamless integration, we are dedicated to helping you leverage the full potential of the Mendix platform and their strategic alliances with SAP and AWS.

How can we support your Mendix initiatives?

As a leading independent low-code advisor in South Africa, we are dedicated to helping you leverage the full potential of the Mendix platform through a range of comprehensive expert services, solutions and initiatives.

Application Development
Develop high-quality custom web and mobile apps with seamless user experiences tailored to your specific needs.
Why it’s essential: Custom web and mobile applications provide unique functionalities and user experiences tailored to the exact needs of your business or customers.
Systems Integration
Streamline business processes and improve efficiency through systems and technology integrations.
Why it’s essential: Through system integration, businesses can automate processes, share data across platforms and improve overall efficiency across the board.
Quality Assurance
Comprehensive testing services to ensure that applications are thoroughly tested and meet the required quality standards.
Why it’s essential: Comprehensive testing helps identify and fix bugs or errors, ensures that the application works as intended and enhances its overall quality.
Architecture Support
Ongoing reviews to provide recommendations for improvements on maintainability, scalability, performance and security.
Why it’s essential: By continuously assessing the architecture, potential issues can be identified and addressed early on, leading to a more stable and optimised platform.
Platform Support
Ongoing platform support, configuration, pro-active maintenance, ensuring smooth operation and quick resolution of any issues.
Why it’s essential: Configuration and pro-active maintenance help prevent issues from arising and ensure that the platform is always up and running.
Advisory Service
Guidance and advice on best practices, helping you optimise your Mendix implementation.
Why it’s essential: Expert guidance aids in avoiding common pitfalls, optimising the system's performance and maximising the return on investment.
Cloud Migrations
Move your applications from the cloud to on-premise, ensuring that the solution meets your specific needs.
Why it’s essential: By transitioning to the cloud, businesses can leverage these benefits to improve their operations, increase flexibility and reduce infrastructure costs.
Platform Upgrades
Platform upgrades to ensure that your Mendix platform is always up-to-date and secure.
Why it’s essential: By keeping the platform up-to-date, businesses can improve system performance, address vulnerabilities and ensure the overall app stability and reliability.
Coaching and Mentoring
Expert coaching and mentoring, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to use Mendix effectively.
Why it’s essential: Mentoring and coaching guarantees your team is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilise Mendix to its full potential.

Why choose JustSolve as your Mendix partner?

We’re the #1 Low-Code Development Company™.

Since our inception in 2016, we have gained extensive experience and knowledge in low-code development, receiving multiple awards along the way. Our team of industry experts has successfully implemented low-code solutions across various industries. 

With a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet our clients' unique needs, we drive digital transformation, inspire innovation and empower business growth.

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Experience the power of low-code development.

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FAQs about our Mendix Partnership.

What makes JustSolve the #1 Low-Code Development Company?
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